Harrison Slater as Augustus Gloop


Jenson Steele as Augustus Gloop stuck in the pipe

Augustus Gloop is a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical.


Augustus is the first Golden Ticket finder. He hails from Bavaria, where he is raised by his larger than life mother and father, who run a butcher shop. Augustus is extremely gluttonous and eats constantly, non-stop. His mother is proud that he is so large and fat, and claims that the bigger he is, the more there is to love. (It's like they put lots of air inside him and don't let any out.)

But in main illustration, when the boys that dress up as Augustus get ready for the pantomime, he has an enormous fatsuit and it's all hidden in his jumper.

Augustus has a bright red jumper with white diamonds on it and green and red diamonds inside, and has rather dark green shorts.

At the factory, Augustus reveals his bratty side after having a tantrum over having his bagged lunch confiscated. He later stuffs and indulges himself after being set loose in the Chocolate Room.

Against Wonka's wishes, Augustus kneels on the sugar grass and slurps up chocolate from the chocolate waterfall, and, in an unfortunate feat of him leaning too far out, falls head-first into the lake of melted chocolate. He is sucked up a chocolate extraction pipe, and is found to be stuck having blocked the pipe with his massive stomach. The Oompa Loompas enact the diversionary plumbing system, and force Augustus through the maze of pipes, as he heads for the Fudge Tubs.

Wonka sends a team of Oompa Loompas to check the Fudge Tubs with a large stick, before Augustus is caramalized. Wonka jokes that his crushed bones could make the toffee taste disgusting.

Augustus' fate is unknown though it is strongly implied that Augustus met a gruesome fate of being cooked and melted into fudge.

Augustus appears in the following songs:

  • "More of Him to Love"
  • "It Must be Believed to be Seen"
  • "Strike That! Reverse It!"
  • "Simply Second Nature"
  • "Pure Imagination" (Broadway)
  • "Auf Wiedersehen Augustus Gloop"


Original West End

Former West End Edit


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