The Original West End Cast in The Inventing Room


The Oompa Loompas in the Inventing Room

The Inventing Room is the second room visited by the group on the tour. The Inventing Room is the room in which all of Willy Wonka inventions are born. It is comprised of a long metal table covered in bottles, test tubes, and other tools being used by Oompa Loompas dressed in white lab coats to create new candy flavors. A large, colorful wheel is mounted on the wall. This is the ingredients wheel, it is used to pick different ingredients to use in candies. There is also a giant metal vat which is used by one Oompa to mix all the flavors. This is the room where Violet meets her doom. When she chews Wonka's experimental gum it turns her into a blueberry and she eventually explodes in a shower of blue glitter.